Managing Director

Dr. H.J.Jude Aruldoss, B.E., D.E.M., Arch.T., Ph.D.
Managing Director of Jude’s Infra Technologies Pvt Ltd is professionally qualified with more than twenty years of versatile experience in the field of Infrastructure & Civil Construction. Judie Groups consists of Construction, Manufacturing of ArmorRite - Premium Security Doors & Windows, Distribution of Jude's Coffee & other Agro products. With a deep passion to help youngsters pursue world class international education,
Mr. Jude Aruldoss has launched ATA - Achievers Training Academy.

As our very own Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam once said, "All of us do not have equal talent. But, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.” This quote has greatly inspired us at the Judie Groups which resulted in the creation of ATA - Achievers Training Academy and offer good opportunities for our youth of today to further develop their talents in various faculties, to match international standards.


Dr. Nirupa Jude, M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D.
Director of Jude's Infra Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Masters in Bio-Chemistry with Bachelors in Education, completed her Doctorate in Teenage Behavioral Psychology. Conducts workshops on Teenage Psychology and enjoys motivating young teens in various Schools and Colleges to reach their Highest Potential.

Nirupa Jude desire of bringing excellence in Global Educational opportunities for young India has now been realized through ATA - Achievers Training Academy. In addition, from actively participating in various business operations, she is very much involved in Teens’ Career Building through ATA - Achievers Training Academy. Her relentless effort coupled with sincere dedication for the Judie Group of Companies and for ATA - Achievers Training Academy is a big boon for the younger generation. ATA - Achievers Training Academy under the guidance of Mrs. Nirupa Jude is poised to serve with excellence and provide the best advice and counseling for the aspiring youth.

Vice President

Mr. Francis L. Fredrick
Based in Canada has proven experience of successfully managing multinational companies in different countries. A business consultant with turnaround expertise has long years of experience in Banking, Insurance and Personal Finance. Currently he also provides financial solutions for families and businesses in North America. With a Business Edge Program for International Professionals from Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.

Mr.Fredrick brings to the Judie Groups Inc. and to ATA - Achievers Training Academy his innovation, global experience and administration expertise.

Vice President

Mr. S.Karikalan
Vice President (MSC Computer Science from Latvia)
A masters in Computer Science from Latvia University himself, is now based in London UK. He has been a representative of these Universities in Latvia (Rigas, TSI and Turiba) for India and Sri Lanka. Mr. Karikalan has coordinated EU projects between institutions in Latvia and India / Sri Lanka. He has been instrumental in signing MOU's for Universities in Latvia with Colleges and Universities in India and Sri Lanka for the past two decades. His long experience and genuine care for students will be a big boon for the youngsters of India and Sri Lanka and other countries to access this world class yet affordable European Education in Latvia.